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五十嵐 岳

Gaku Igarashi is a Tokyo based artist who has been actively drawing and painting in recent years ever since this hobby of his has become much sought after by friends and those who has come across his work. 'I remembered drawing ever since I was a little boy, and my mother has always encouraged me to draw for she said my drawings is capable of warming her heart and makes her happy'.

Currently being a part time artist, he is a full time childcare specialist and a teacher with diploma of childcare study at TAFE.
Quite an interesting perspective to consider, for his work has a unique child-like youth, innocence and happiness sense to it. Teaching and being with children is something that he is truly passionate about, and 'it makes me happy' so he said.

Being brought up in Sydney, Australia with an education of international high school, Gaku's background seems to have influenced his work. The western influence comes out rather vividly in his drawings of the looks and emotions of the 'happy people' he draws.

Colours used could be considered to be on the vibrant side, blue skies, sunshine, flowers are elements he portrays alongside his 'happy people'.

Not so much of the Japanese influence as one would have imagine.
Having the facts of loving to be around his family and friends, believing in the goodness of people, enjoying musicals, cooking, sports and disliking scary movies, one could easily figures out why does his artwork and imagination turns out the way it does.

However, the non-Japanese who have seen his works seems to find the 'kawai' or adorable cuteness to be purely Japanese influenced. Hence, a piece of Gaku's artwork is easily recognisable as his trademarks drawings are quite distinctive.

Currently in Tokyo, Gaku has been doing quite a few radiant and cheerful drawings.

At Rakugaki Art Picnic in Ochanomizu Gaku did a chalk drawing session with children.

The well known 'Rainbow Pancake'
Famous Pancake Store in Omotesando has been happily holding several live drawings event featuring Gaku, and already a few more sessions lined up due to the anticipation and exciting feedbacks.

He also recently did an art exhibition in Osaka with his art crew and did more live painting. What started out as little drawings for his student and warm wishes cards for his friends has brought him to be fully active in doing live painting since 2013 up to date.

Spreading his happiness worldwide, he was recently invited to be one of the leading artists showcasing his work at Pattaya Art Festival in Thailand.



『いつもわくわく きらきら どきどき』をモットーに

Never forget kidzlike


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